Learn when the paid parking season in Plymouth begins and ends, what parking rates are in effect during that period, when during the day you need to pay for parking, and what forms of payment are accepted.  Learn why using the Passport App on your phone may be the easiest way to pay for parking in Plymouth.  

Paid Parking Season in Plymouth

Public Parking Locations

Hourly Parking Rates

Parking Payment Options

Walking Times from Parking Areas

Handicapped Parking

Bus/RV Parking in Plymouth

Motorcycle Parking

Parking During Snow Emergency

Overnight Parking

EV Charging Station Locations

Bicycle Parking Locations

Daily Parking FAQs

Parking Tickets

Learn what types of parking violations will earn you a parking ticket, how much each parking ticket will cost you, how to pay your ticket(s), and what may happen if a ticket is not paid in a timely manner.

Types of Parking Violations and Parking Fine Schedule

How to Pay a Parking Ticket

How to Appeal a Parking Ticket

Parking Permits

Learn if you are eligible for a Plymouth parking permit, where the permit will allow you to park, and how to apply for or renew the permit.  Also learn about the permit parking requirements that apply if you are undertaking a construction project or planning an event that requires the use of public parking spaces.

Types of Parking Permits

Cost of Parking Permits

How to Apply for a Parking Permit

Contractor/Event Use of Space Permits