Parking Payment Options

Here's how to pay for parking in Plymouth if you park at a single-space meter, park in a lot or location that is served by a multi-space pay station or prefer the convenience of paying for parking using your smartphone. 

To Make a Payment at an On-Street Meter:

The single-space parking meters in Plymouth are IPS M5 smart meters that accept credit/debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover) and US coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins) as forms of payment. 
Coin:   Simply place the coin(s) in the coin slot and the meter will start adding time based on the value of the coins deposited.  Stop entering coins when you reach your expected length of stay.

Credit/Debit Card:   Simply place your credit card all the way into the credit card slot (chip in first).  Once entered, the meter will allow you to enter your time by pushing the + or – button on the meter.  Once you reach your desired time hit the green OK button to see if your credit card was approved and your time was confirmed.  The meter has a wireless internet connection, so your credit card information is not stored in the meter and is not at risk.   Please note that the minimum charge that is allowed using a credit/debit card at a meter is $1.00.  Also, Park Plymouth does not issue  refunds for cancelled transactions, broken meters, or overpayment at a meter. 

Video Tutorial on How to Pay at IPS Smart Meter
During the paid parking session, the parking meters do not officially “turn on” each day until 9:00 AM but you can use your credit card  or coins before 9 to pre-pay for your parking session.  The parking session will not begin until 9:00 AM.   

To make a payment at a multi-space pay station:

Coins/Bills: The multi-space pay stations located in Plymouth at most off-street public lots, at the S. Russell Street parking deck, and on the waterfront, are Luke II pay stations that accept credit/debit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover), US bills ($1, $5, and $10 bills), and US coins (nickels, dimes, quarters, and dollar coins) as forms of payment.  Please note that when using coins to pay, the pay station holds the money and cannot refund it if a transaction is canceled.  Also, when using bills to pay, the pay station cannot make change or issue refunds [stated clearly on every pay station]. 

Credit/Debit Card: Please note that the minimum charge that is allowed when using a credit/debit card at a pay station is the hourly charge that is in effect at the time during the paid parking season (e.g. $1.50 or $2.00). Also, the pay stations will not accept a $20 bill.
To pay for parking at a Luke II pay station, follow the prompts on the front of the pay station.  In Plymouth, your parking payment at a pay station is tied to your vehicle license plate, so it is very important that it be entered accurately.  There is a 38-key alphanumeric keypad on the pay station for easy license plate entry.
Video Tutorial on How to Pay at Luke II Pay Station
You can also pre-purchase time at any pay station before 9:00 AM when our enforcement hours begin.  This is especially convenient if you are planning to take an early morning boat tour or ferry to Provincetown.  Simply pay the length of your stay and wait for the parking session to begin at 9:00 AM.   

To make a payment using the pASSPORT app on your smartphone:

Park Plymouth now offers everyone the ability to pay for their parking anywhere in Plymouth using the Passport app on their smartphone (IOS and Android).   The Passport app is free and can be downloaded through the App store or Google Play.  If you already have the ParkBoston app Pay on the Go, you can also use that.  You can start using Passport after three easy steps:

1. Create an Account
2. Enter Payment Information
3.  Start Parking

There are currently 6 Passport Zones in Plymouth – you can find the Zone Number for your parking location from the Passport decal that is on the parking meter or on the pay station where you park, or on nearby Passport signs.
Paying with the Passport app has so many advantages, including:

  • No more digging for coins
  • No waiting in line to pay at a pay station
  • Can be used in Plymouth to pay for parking at any parking meter and at any pay station
  • Get alerts when your parking session is about to end (no more parking tickets)
  • Extend your parking session remotely from your phone (no need to rush back to parking space); however, please note that Passport will not allow you to extend your session beyond the time-limit set for that parking location or zone
  • Move your vehicle to another parking location while still having time left on your parking session and not worry about being ticketed
  • Pre-purchase your parking time before 9:00 AM when enforcement begins – once again, this is especially convenient when you park and depart from Plymouth early in the morning for a boat tour or ferry ride.  You can also use it to pay for your parking for another day if your trip is extended. 

The Passport app is the easiest and most convenient way to pay for parking in Plymouth – you should try it! 

When using the Passport App at a location served by a single space parking meter or a pay station, there is no need to put a receipt on your dashboard or put a sticker on your window.  And there is no need to worry if the parking meter says time has EXPIRED.  The parking enforcement officer will look up your license plate number to determine if you have paid and move on if your parking session is still in effect.
Video Tutorial on How to Pay Using the Passport App

Get started now and download the app:
Get It from Google Play                                                    Download from Apple App Store
If you don’t have a smartphone, you can set up your Passport account using the web browser on your desktop or laptop computer and then dial into Passport using your mobile phone.  You should also know that Plymouth does not charge parkers a fee for using the Passport app – you pay only the hourly rate in effect with no additional transaction or user fees.

-- Park Plymouth

We pride ourselves on the reliability of our parking equipment.  If you experience any problem with a meter or pay station, please report it to the Park Plymouth office as soon as possible by calling (508) 747-5929.  If you should leave a message on the answering machine, be sure to give the meter number or lot location and your full name, telephone number, and vehicle information.  A Park Plymouth customer service representative will contact you.