How to Pay a Parking ticket

You may pay an outstanding parking ticket in any one of three ways:
Pay In Person at Park Plymouth Office:  You can come to the Park Plymouth Office at 4 North St., Suite 2 with your ticket(s) and payment.  This may be your most efficient option if you have a ticket(s) that is marked at the RMV.  We will be able to unmark and “release your lien” quickly.
Pay On-line.  You can pay your ticket by accessing the Park Plymouth Parking Ticket System from your home computer using your Discover, MasterCard, Visa or American Express card.  There is a flat rate convenience charge per ticket associated with this payment method.

Pay by Mail.  You can also pay by mail by sending a check or money order, payable to PGDC Parking, to:
Park Plymouth
4 North St., Suite 2
Plymouth, MA 02360
Please note that if you have a ticket(s) that is marked at the RMV and
 want to pay for it online, you must call the Park Plymouth office at 508-747-5929 so we can unmark it at the RMV and release your liens.  Also, if a check is used for payment on a marked ticket(s), the check must clear before the marked ticket(s) can be cleared [Note: this may take up to 2 weeks).