Bus/RV Parking in Plymouth

To promote tourism in the Town of Plymouth, Park Plymouth has created a total of nine (9) oversized parking stalls in a lot on the waterfront designed to accommodate standard motor coach or tour buses with lengths of approximately 45 feet.  This “Bus Only Lot” is located adjacent to East Bay Grille on the waterfront (see the maps under Public Parking Locations) and the bus parking spaces are provided as a courtesy (“free of charge”) on a first-come, first-served basis to any bus operator who might need them. 

There are also up to five (5) bus parking spaces along the crescent-shaped curb at Pilgrim Memorial State Park.  It is important to note that these spaces are designated by signage as a bus drop-off area only.  Long-term parking by buses along the crescent is not allowed.  Buses with passengers destined for the state pier and/or the Mayflower who would use this area should travel to the Bus Only Lot for long-term parking. 
It is recognized that during large events in Plymouth, event planners or tour guide companies may require more than the 9 reserved bus parking spaces in the Bus Only Lot.  Should that occur, you can call the Park Plymouth office at 508-747-5929 to arrange for parking at alternative locations.
There are no designated parking areas in the downtown or waterfront areas of Plymouth for large recreational vehicles (RVs).  Parking an oversized recreational vehicle in a standard parking space, or across multiple parking spaces, is prohibited.  If you have a special need, call the Park Plymouth office at 508-747-5929 for assistance.

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