how to Appeal a Parking ticket

You can also decide to appeal your parking ticket within 21 calendar days of the date of ticket issuance.  There are several ways to appeal your parking ticket:

Mail or Drop off An Appeal Request Form at the Park Plymouth Office:  To appeal your ticket, you must first fill out an Appeal Request Form providing the ticket number, your contact information, and your reason(s) for the appeal.  On the form you can indicate whether you want the Park Plymouth Hearing Officer to provide you a decision by mail, or if you would like an in-person hearing with the Hearing Officer.  Be sure all of your contact information is accurate to ensure a rapid response.

Ticket Appeal Request Form

File an Appeal On-Line:  You can also appeal your ticket by providing the same information through the on-line Park Plymouth Payment Processing System.  To request an in-person hearing with the Hearing Officer through this site, be sure to type “Request In-Person Hearing” in the comment field.

Appeal My Ticket On-Line

If you request an in-person hearing with the Hearing Officer, you will receive an email indicating the date, time and place of your hearing.  It is the Park Plymouth Hearing Officer’s intent to render a decision on all appeals within 30 days of their receipt.   A penalty will not be imposed during the time period you are waiting for a decision on your appeal from the Hearing Officer.  However, if the appeal is denied by the Hearing Officer you will have 21 calendar days from the date of the decision to pay the ticket before the applicable penalty will be added to it.  Click below to see an “Appeals Tip Sheet” listing some of the common reasons a parking ticket appeal may be denied.  

Appeals Tip Sheet

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