Parking Ticket FAQs

1.      How do I pay my parking ticket(s)?

You can pay your parking ticket in three different ways: mail, pay in person, pay online.

2.      When paying by check, who should it be made out to?

Checks can be made payable to PGDC Parking.

3.      How soon after issuance must I pay a parking ticket?

You must pay your ticket within 21 calendar days (of ticket issuance) in order to avoid a late fee.

4.      I lost my ticket, what’s my ticket number in order to pay?

Please call or email the office and provide us with your license plate.  We will be able to look it up for you.

5.      How long does my ticket take to clear at the RMV?

Tickets take 72 hours to clear on their own; however, it can also be done manually thru our office.  If you call  our office after payment is made, it can be cleared instantly.

6.      How do I appeal a ticket?

Please go to our website and click on How to Appeal a Parking Ticket.  There you will be able to file an appeal. You have two ways to appeal: in-person or online. If you decide to appeal in-person, please state, “Request an in-person appeal”. If you decide to appeal online, simply type why you think your ticket should be dismissed. The hearing officer will render his decision and email it back to you.  It’s important to note – once a ticket gets placed on appeal, it will not accrue any late penalties or fees. If your appeal is denied, you have 21 calendar days from the hearing officer’s decision to pay your ticket.

7.      How long do I have to appeal a parking ticket?

You must appeal your parking ticket within 21 calendar days of ticket issuance.

8.      I appealed my ticket a while ago, I haven’t heard a response yet?

The hearing officer tries to answer all appeals within a timely manner (1-4weeks); however, he has up to one year to respond. You can call the Park Plymouth office and one of our customer service representatives can look into it for you.  Also, please check your junk email folders if you appealed via online.

9.      I’m not satisfied with my first appeal decision. What can I do?

You can appeal an appeal, MA General Law chapter 30A, section 14) by going to the Superior Court in Plymouth County. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to mail you a packet of directions.  It should be noted that it’s quite costly to file - the filing fee is $275.00.

10.  How does the parking enforcement officer know I moved my car in a time-zoned area?

Parking enforcement officers record your license plate for the parking spot.

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