Motorcycle Parking

Currently there are no parking spaces reserved exclusively for motorcycles in Plymouth.  However, Park Plymouth has adopted guidelines for motorcycle parking in both metered and unmetered on- and off-street parking spaces in the downtown/waterfront areas of Plymouth.  In general, the number of motorcycles that may park in a legally designated public parking space is not limited as long as the motorcycles are safely and lawfully parked.  This means that a motorcycle parked in a public on- or off-street parking space may receive a parking citation if it is not parked within the stall lines; all motorcycles within a metered space may receive a parking citation if the meter has expired; and all motorcycles parked within an unmetered space may receive a parking citation if they are parked for longer than the time allowed.  However, motorcycles that have a Park Plymouth parking permit will not receive citations as long as they park legally in the locations designated for that particular permit.   If you have questions, you should call the Park Plymouth office at 508-747-5929.

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