Overnight Parking

There are no explicit regulations that forbid overnight parking in the public parking lots in Plymouth.  However, if you do park overnight, you must still comply with the parking requirements (if any) that are in effect at the time.  For example, if you are found parked when daily enforcement begins after 9:00 am and have not paid the applicable parking fee (during the paid parking season), you may receive a ticket for a parking violation.  So it is recommended that if you are staying overnight, you park in one of the 10-hour parking lots and use the Passport app to pay for each additional day (or hours) prior to 9:00 am each morning.   Alternatively, you might consider going to the free parking lots on Water Street or to the Park & Ride lot located off Exit 5 from Route 3.  Overnight parking at the Jenny Pond /Plimoth Grist Mill parking lot is not allowed at this time.