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Park  Plymouth

Learn all about parking in Plymouth - when the paid parking season begins and ends, where to park, what the hourly parking rates are and the different methods of payment, if you are eligible for a Plymouth parking permit, and what to do if you receive a parking citation. 

Plymouth Growth & Development

Learn how the Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation was created, how it is funded, the contributions they have made to improving parking conditions and promoting economic growth in Plymouth, and the nature of their working relationship with the Town of Plymouth.


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Paying for Parking From Your Smartphone

We encourage you to download the Passport Parking App and register so you will be all set to easily pay for parking from your smartphone when you visit Plymouth.

See the Parking Payment Options page for further information about using your smartphone to pay for parking in Plymouth.

About This Website

The website for the Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation (PGDC) and Park Plymouth in Plymouth, MA has been created for Plymouth residents, merchants, tourists and visitors traveling to the downtown business district, waterfront and North Plymouth areas.

The website is divided into two main sections -- one section describes the activities of the Plymouth Growth and Development Corporation (PGDC) while the other describes Park Plymouth and the downtown/waterfront parking system. Once within each section of the website you can easily go back-and-forth between topics of interest to you.  

The website will be updated periodically so we hope you will check back regularly -- and feel free to contact the PGDC/Park Plymouth office at any time with any parking-related question or comment you may have.