Park Plymouth News & Announcements

2021 Parking Permits Available for Purchase

Premium, Limited, and Fisherman parking permits for 2021 are available for purchase.  These are the three (3) basic types of parking permits available to those who live and work in the downtown and waterfront areas of Plymouth.  They differ in terms of who is eligible for the permit (e.g., Plymouth resident, Plymouth Senior resident, local or out of town merchant/employee, commercial fisherman) and where that permit will allow its holder to park in the downtown/ waterfront areas.  Click here to go to the permit parking section of the Park Plymouth website for more information on what is needed to prove eligibility for each permit, 2021 permit prices, and the ways to apply for a permit.   

S. Russell Parking Deck Now Open for Full-time Public Use

The new S. Russell Parking Deck next to Town Hall is now ready for full occupancy.  On September 4. 2019, the upper level of the parking deck opened and Town Hall employees who have been parking on the lower level since January 2019 moved to the upper level to park when Town Hall is open for business.  The lower level of the parking deck will then be open and available for public parking on a 24/7 basis; the public will also be able to park on the upper level of the deck when Town Hall is closed.  Click here for a complete description of the parking restrictions that will now be in effect in the Town Hall Corridor, which includes the S. Russell Parking Deck.
Over the past 2 years, the PGDC/Park Plymouth and Town of Plymouth have collaborated on the design and construction of a new 149-space, 2-level parking deck on S. Russell Street adjacent to Town Hall. The PGDC covered all engineering, design, construction and contingency/soft costs associated with the structure at a cost of approximately $5.7 million; this includes the annual cost of a $2,995,200 bond that was recently issued by the Town over a 30-year term. The parking deck will provide valuable additional off-street parking spaces for Town Hall employees, area business employees, Plymouth residents and visitors to the downtown business district.  


PGDC Purchases 4 North Street Property in Downtown Plymouth

The Plymouth Growth & Development Corporation (PGDC) has purchased the property at 4 North Street in the heart of downtown Plymouth. It consists of over 80 surface parking spaces and a building that fronts on North Street. The PGDC has leased a portion of the total parking spaces on the 4 North property – the Brewster Street Lot – for more than 10 years. This acquisition places all the parking spaces in the current surface lot under PGDC control and ensures that this unique location will not be lost to future development.
Leighton Price, President of the PGDC, says the purchase is perfectly aligned with the PGDC’s mission to expand public parking facilities for the Town. “The preservation of the Plymouth Downtown Center as the cultural, civic, governmental and retail center of the town depends on providing sufficient off-street parking for those who work, shop, and visit there. This purchase is a major contribution to that goal.”
The purchase of 4 North Street represents the latest financial investment by the PGDC to create and expand public parking on behalf of the Town of Plymouth. The Corporation purchased a 2.3 acre parking lot from the MBTA in 2013 near Hotel 1620 and created a 140-space public parking lot (Water 4 Lot); made substantial improvements to the Middle Street lot in 2017; and in 2019 PGDC completed the engineering, design and construction of the 2-level South Russell Street Parking Deck adjacent to Plymouth Town Hall.
While some parking spaces in the adjacent lot will be reserved for use by future building occupants, the vast majority will be made available for public use during weekdays and on weekends. Park Plymouth is currently preparing this parking lot to become part of our paid parking inventory and resident permit program. Please visit for permit and parking information.