Park Plymouth News & Announcements

During The Paid Parking Season

When Town Hall is open

The lower level of the S. Russel St. parking deck is open to the public and has a discounted rate of $1 an hour or $5 all-day parking rate seven days a week. 

When Town Hall is closed

The upper level of the parking deck and the two parking lots behind Town Hall are also open to the public and have the $1 an hour $5 all-day rate beginning after noon on Fridays, all-day Saturdays, all-day Sundays, and on Town holidays. 

All of these parking areas are a short walk to the shops and restaurants in downtown and are also in walking distance of waterfront areas.

Parking in the Town Hall Corridor

The S. Russell St. Parking Deck next to Town Hall opened in January of 2019. The upper level of the parking deck is restricted to Town Hall employees when Town Hall is open for business, but the public can park on the upper level of the deck when Town Hall is closed.  The lower level of the parking deck is open for public parking on a 24/7 basis. 
Click here for a detailed description of the important parking restrictions that are in effect on the streets and in the other parking facilities surrounding Town Hall (where and when parking is 2-hour free, 4-hour paid, or 10-hour paid). 


Parking Permits Available for Purchase

There are three (3) types of parking permits-- Premium, Limited, and Fisherman.  They are available to those who live and work in the downtown and waterfront areas of Plymouth.  They differ in terms of who is eligible for the permit (e.g., Plymouth resident, Plymouth Senior resident, local or out of town merchant/employee, commercial fisherman) and where that permit will allow its holder to park in the downtown/ waterfront areas.  Click here to go to the permit parking section of the Park Plymouth website for more information on what is needed to prove eligibility for each permit, current permit prices, and the ways to apply for a permit.