Types of PGDC Investments in Plymouth

The PGDC/Park Plymouth has spent considerable monies since its creation to improve the parking and other infrastructure in Plymouth in ways that promote economic growth in the Downtown/Waterfront districts and North Plymouth.   Net revenue after routine expenses that is collected from parking meters, pay stations, and Passport (mobile parking app), in addition to that collected from the payment of parking tickets, is committed to promoting economic development, improving town parking and other facilities, and covering Park Plymouth expenses. No taxes from the residents of Plymouth have ever been used to fund PGDC activities.

PGDC investments in the Town of Plymouth take one of the following four (4) forms:

  • Parking Infrastructure Improvements aimed to increase the supply or availability of public parking spaces in Plymouth;
  • Investments in Parking Equipment aimed to improve the parking experience of Plymouth residents, employees and visitors by providing the state-of-the-art, customer-friendly technologies necessary to properly price parking and enforce parking regulations;
  • PGDC Investments in Town Services and Infrastructure aimed to improve other conditions in the Downtown/Waterfront areas and N. Plymouth important to the economic vitality of the areas; and,
  • PGDC Grants and Contributions to Town-sponsored Events and Projects aimed to assist other groups and organizations in Plymouth as they undertake events or projects that attract customers to downtown/waterfront businesses who might not otherwise patronize the area on the event day(s).