Plymouth 400, Inc.

Countdown to America's Hometown Celebration has begun . . . . 

Plymouth 400 is a celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower and the founding of Plymouth Colony (1620 - 2020).  It will highlight the cultural contributions and American traditions of the Wampanoag and English peoples whose story significantly shaped the building of America.

Plymouth 400, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that was formed to plan a number of Signature Events and Programs throughout 2020 to honor this historic Anniversary - there will be historical and cultural exhibitions, live televised and web events, multi-day festivals, original arts and entertainment collaborations and educational programming and resources.   Celebrated national and global leaders, artists, entertainers, veterans, descendants, indigenous Nations, and students from around the world are expected to travel to Plymouth in 2020 to join in the commemoration events.  Visit the Plymouth 400 website to learn all about the Signature Events, to see the master calendar for 2020, and to explore ways to personally get involved in the activities. 

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Getting to Plymouth 400

With the arrival of 2020 and each Signature Event this website will provide additional information on how best to access the event venue and any special parking arrangements that may be necessary to accommodate the attendees, media outlets, security personnel, and area merchants/employees --- Please check back regularly!

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