PGDC Investments in Parking Equipment

The PGDC has invested over $765,000 in state-of-the art single-space parking meters, multi-space pay stations, and other customer friendly technologies necessary to accurately collect parking revenues and enforce parking regulations.  The PGDC continuously upgrades its parking-related equipment so that parkers have multiple payment options (cash, credit card, or smartphone) that are integrated for a seamless parking experience.  All parking equipment complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) essential to the processing of credit card transactions in a secure environment. 

  •    $203,000       Single-space Meters.  Purchased and installed 365 IPS single-space meters for placement along Waterfront and selected streets throughout downtown Plymouth.

  •    $180,000       Multi-space Pay Stations. Purchased and installed 16 Luke II multi-space pay stations for deployment in all Town surface parking lots.

  •    $147,000       M5 Solar-powered Single-space Meters. Purchase and install 320 new IPS M5 state-of-art solar powered single-space meters; replace meters along Waterfront with pay stations (2019).

  •     $85,000        Luke II Multi-space Pay Stations. Purchase and install 7 additional Luke II multi-space pay stations (S. Russell Parking Deck and Waterfront) (2019).

  •    $150,000       Parking Signs & Re-striping. Annual purchase and installation of parking signs and re-striping of parking stall lines at all parking lots in Plymouth (@ 10 years).