PGDC Financials

As required by its enabling legislation, the PGDC is required to undergo an annual audit of its operations and financial condition, and to submit the findings of that audit to the Town of Plymouth.  The audit of PGDC financial statements is performed by an independent certified public accountant in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles for the purposes of identifying fraudulent financial reporting, misappropriation of assets, or violations of applicable laws or government regulations.  The financial statements and audit results are posted to this wedsite once they are available after the end of the prior fiscal year (December 31).
Copies of the Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Reports for the years 2012 through the present can be obtained by clicking the links below, or by contacting the PGDC/Park Plymouth or Town of Plymouth Finance Director at Town Hall (26 Court Street).  Prior year financial reports are available upon request.
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The PGDC and Park Plymouth also develop and adopt an annual financial plan or budget that describes the income estimated to be generated during the upcoming fiscal year and the expenses to be incurred.  The financial plan covers the anticipated expenses associated with day-to-day parking operations as well as the expenses expected to result from the implementation of major (or minor) capital improvement projects throughout the year.  A copy of the annual budget for the current fiscal year can be obtained by contacting the PGDC/Park Plymouth.