PGDC and the Town of Plymouth

The PGDC (Park Plymouth) manages the Plymouth public parking program in collaboration with the Town of Plymouth under a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) executed on January 15, 2020. This MOA identifies the roles and responsibilities of the PGDC/Park Plymouth in (a) the purchase, installation and maintenance of parking equipment and parking-related signage; (b) the configuration of existing on-street and off-street parking spaces and lots and creation of new parking facilities; (c) the establishment of parking rates and fines and collection of all parking revenues; (d) the enforcement of paid parking requirements and parking time limits; (e) the maintenance of its parking assets; and (f) the disbursement of PGDC revenues for public improvement projects and events.  These responsibilities are laid out in the MOA, in a comprehensive Parking Management Plan, and in associated PGDC policy directives regularly updated and reviewed by the Town of Plymouth Select Board, various Town Boards, and the Plymouth Traffic and Parking Task Force.   Town of Plymouth parking regulations can also be found in the Traffic Rules and Orders of the Town of Plymouth, as most recently amended. 

View PGDC-Town of Plymouth MOA           View Plymouth Traffic Rules and Orders