PGDC History and Mission

The Plymouth Development Corporation (PDC) was created in 2002 as a quasi-public corporation for the Town of Plymouth by Chapter 182 of the Acts of 2002 (“Special Act”).  In this Special Act, the Massachusetts legislature gave the corporation the following charge:

It is the purpose of the corporation created by this act to aid the town, private enterprises and nonprofit organizations, and other public agencies in the speedy and orderly development or redevelopment of unused, underused or underdeveloped areas, and in the development, operation, and management of facilities and infrastructure necessary to support the economic vitality of the development zone. 

The development zone is a geographical area that encompasses the areas in the Town of Plymouth known locally as the Plymouth Downtown/Waterfront District and portions of the North Plymouth Village Center. Because the name Plymouth Development Corporation was found to be shared with another corporate entity, the PDC changed its name to the Plymouth Growth and Development Corporations (PGDC) by certified vote of the Plymouth Board of Selectmen on October 28, 2008.

The PGDC is managed by a seven-member volunteer Board of Directors appointed by the Plymouth Select Board.  All members of the Board are Plymouth residents or owners of property or business establishments located in the development zone.  By design, members of the Board have educations and experience in the fields of law, finance, real estate, tourism, local government or planning.   The PGDC Board meets on regular basis throughout the year with meeting agendas and minutes available on the Town Hall website or from the Park Plymouth/PGDC office.  The corporation also provides an annual report of its financial condition to the Select Board, copies of which can also be obtained from this website. 

In accordance with its enabling legislation, the PGDC has focused its resources on the development, management, and operation of on-street, off-street and structured parking facilities in the downtown/waterfront and North Plymouth areas so important to the vibrancy of the retail districts and attractiveness of Plymouth as a tourist destination.   Park Plymouth exists today to manage and grow the towns’ parking infrastructure in coordination with the Plymouth Select Board and other town departments, and to develop directional and information signage, transit service, pedestrian walkways and public amenities that will enhance economic development.  The activities of Park Plymouth are guided by a Parking Management Plan developed for and endorsed by the PGDC Board and Plymouth Select Board.  It provides the framework for public policy decisions and the investments in parking and transportation improvements that are necessary to address the challenges facing Plymouth.  No funding for the PGDC or Park Plymouth comes from property taxes collected by the Town of Plymouth.

PGDC Benefits