PGDC Investments in Other Town Infrastructure

The PGDC has contributed over $1.45 million to support important town services and improve town town facilities essential to the economic growth of the downtown and waterfront areas.   The PGDC has always been receptive to requests for financial or other assistance that are compatible with its mission and legislative mandates.

  •    $773,900       Parking Enforcement Officer (Police Dept). Reimbursement to Town of Plymouth for salary and benefits of Plymouth police officer performing parking enforcement duties (2018-2016).

  •    $440,700       RMV Fees. Reimbursement to Town of Plymouth for fees charged by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to mark registrations and licenses for non-payment of parking violations (since 2007).

  •     $51,800        Parking Ticket Reimbursement.  Reimbursement to the Town of Plymouth for payments received from parking tickets issued by Plymouth Police Department outside of PGDC development zone (since 2017).

  •     $40,000        Lighting. Purchased and installed energy-efficient lighting in N. Plymouth.

  •     $35,000        Message Boards.  Purchase of two (2) portable message boards for use during Plymouth 400 celebration (planned for 2019).

  •     $30,000        Bicycle Racks.  Purchased and installed bike racks throughout downtown Plymouth.

  •     $24,500        HP Parking Tickets.  Contribution to the Town of Plymouth Commission on Disabilities for payments received from the payment of handicapped parking tickets (since 2017).

  •     $15,000      LED Lighting Upgrades.  Purchased and installed energy-efficient LED lighting upgrades in Middle Street and North Street parking lots.

  •     $15,000        Sidewalk Installation.  Contribution to Town of Plymouth for new sidewalks on School Street.

  •     $10,000        EV Charging Station.  Purchased and installed a new electric vehicle (EV) charging station on Water Street.

  •     $10,000        Graffiti Removal.  Contribution to Town of Plymouth free graffiti removal program (2 years).

  •     $10,000        Land Purchase.  Contribution to Town of Plymouth purchase of parcel for access to N. Plymouth Veteran’s Memorial Park.