PGDC Investments in Parking Infrastructure Improvements

Since its inception, the PGDC has invested over $7.35 million to improve parking conditions and provide parking infrastructure in the Town of Plymouth.   To date, the PGDCs initiatives have expanded the supply of public parking spaces in Plymouth by hundreds of parking spaces, and it continues to explore ways to acquire or build additional parking spaces that are financially feasible and located in areas of high demand. 

  •    $5.9 million      S. Russell Street Parking Deck.  In coordination with the Town of Plymouth, funded the design and construction of a 149-space, 2-level parking deck on S. Russell Street adjacent to Town Hall.

  •    $620,000      MBTA Lot Purchase (Water 4 Lot).  Purchased a 140-space surface parking lot from the MBTA located on Lothrop Street - constructed a new access drive from Lothrop Street onto the lot -- purchased and installed 2 multi-space pay stations -- installed 8 solar powered light poles and fixtures for security and safety.

  •    $415,000       Plymouth Transportation & Visitors Center.  Funded engineering/financial feasibility and design plans, in concert with GATRA, for new multi-modal Plymouth Transportation and Visitors Center located on the site of the existing Memorial Hall lot that included a 400-space parking garage, bus/bike transit center, and retail shops on Water Street.

  •    $215,000       Main Street Extension Parking Garage.  Funded engineering/financial feasibility and design plans for a 220-space, 5-level public parking garage to be located on the site of the existing Main Street Extension parking lot.

  •    $85,000        Middle Street Lot Improvements.  Designed and completed upgrades to the Middle Street parking lot (dumpster enclosure, landscaping and security cameras).

  •    $52,000        Free Lots on Water Street & Brewster Lot Leases.  Annual lease of 80 parking spaces in 3 private parking lots (@5 years) -- two surface lots on Water Street near Nelson Park and the Brewster Street parking lot by Santander Bank.

  •    $40,000       Water 1 Lot Improvements.  Added 10 parking spaces and improved drainage and lighting in the Water 1 parking lot by 225 Water Street.

  •    $20,000       Bus Lot Improvements.  Modified the Bus Only Lot on Water Street to add 35 parking spaces along with 9 bus parking slots (2019).

  •    $6,000        Morton School Parking.  Installed fence at the Nathaniel Morton Elementary School so that 60 parking spaces could be made available to the public during non-school hours.