One-time and Annual Grants to Town-sponsored Events/Projects

The PGDC is proud to be able to assist other groups or organizations in Plymouth when they undertake one-time or seasonal events and projects that attract new customers and increase pedestrian traffic in Plymouth's commercial/retail areas.  The events or project supported by the PGDC are selected because they are important to enhancing the business climate and financial health of Plymouth's downtown/waterfront businesses.   

  •     $100,000    Contribution to Town of Plymouth for MCP remediation of Water Lot 1 (2019)

  •     $25,000      Annual contribution to America’s Hometown Celebration (@ 5 years).

  •     $25,000      Annual contribution for 4th of July Festivities (@ 5 years).

  •     $11,500       Contribution to Municipal Harbor Management Plan (2015).

  •     $10,000       Contributions for Winterfest Festival (@ 2 years).

  •     $10,000       Contributions to Downtown First Saturday events (@ 5 years).

  •      $5,000         Contribution to Relief Fund for sister city, Shichigahama, Japan.

  •      $3,500         Contribution to Plymouth Redevelopment Authority for ULI Study of downtown Plymouth business conditions.

  •      $3,000         Contribution for restoration of Town Training Green.

  •      $2,500         Contribution to downtown businesses for holiday window decorations.

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