Contractor/Special Event Use of Space Permits

Any private property owner, developer, contractor, small business or organization that needs to block or take a public parking space out-of-service for any period must first obtain a Use of Space Permit from Park Plymouth.  Failure to obtain a Use of Space permit may result in a substantial fine.  Park Plymouth has distinct requirements for (a) a Contractor Use of Space Permit, and for (b) a Special Event Use of Space Permit.  

Contractor Use of Space Policy 

Special Events Use of Space Policy

Any request to utilize public parking space(s) in conjunction with the construction, reconstruction or alteration of a building, or any other purpose must be submitted in the form of a completed application to the Park Plymouth office at least 72 hours in advance of the date the space(s) are needed.  The applicant will need to provide information (a) describing the project, (b) indicating the number and locations of the spaces to be utilized (metered or non-metered), (
c) a description of the vehicles or materials to be placed in the spaces, (d) an estimate of the time the space(s) will be out-of-service, (e) evidence that any permits needed from the Town Police, Fire or Building Departments have been approved **, and (f) evidence that all abutters to the location for which the permit is requested have been notified by written notice of the project impact and schedule.   There is a unique application available for Contractors to use when requesting approval to use spaces, and another application for those seeking to host an event that will require public parking space(s).

** Note:  Many events in Plymouth may require the submission of a Special Events Application to the Town of Plymouth, in addition to this permit for using public parking spaces.  Applicants for parking permits should consult with Town officials to determine if the Town of Plymouth Special Events Permit requirements will also apply.

Application for Contractor Use of Space Permit

Application for a Special Event Use of Space Permit

Abutters Notification Form

Please be aware of an important threshold - any permit application to use more than four (4) parking spaces for more than 21 days must be submitted to the PGDC Board of Directors for review and approval.  Applicants should allow sufficient time to get before the PGDC Board.   The Park Plymouth Director of Operations is authorized to approve applications requesting fewer than 4 spaces for less than 21 days.  The approval of a Use of Space permit may also be conditioned on meeting other requirements as well, such as providing police details, lighting, barricades, insurance protection, etc.).

Applicants for Contractor Use of Space Permits must also pay a permit fee based on the spaces being used and duration of the project.  If an applicant is using a non-metered parking space(s) that has no parking time limit on its use, or a time restriction more than 4 hours in duration, payment of a $50 non-refundable application fee only will be required plus any administrative costs that may be required by the Park Plymouth Director of Operations or PGDC Board.  For those using metered or time-limited spaces for more than 2 days, the non-refundable one-time application fee of $50 will be required as well as the following non-refundable daily fees:
  • $20.00/metered or time-limited non-metered space (less than 4 hours) for the first 2 days;
  • $35.00/metered or time-limited non-metered space (less than 4 hours) per day for days 3 through 7;
  • $50.00/metered or time-limited non-metered space (less than 4 hours) per day for the second 7 days; and,
  • $100.00/metered or time-limited non-metered space (less than 4 hours) per day for each day thereafter.

The permit requirements and fees for Special Event Use of Space permits differ somewhat from those for Contractor Use of Space permits; see the Special Event application for further information.  Non-compliance with any of the above requirements may result in the imposition of penalties and notification of the Police Department for further action.  Please consult the Park Plymouth office should you have any questions regarding your responsibility to obtain a Use of Space permit. 

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